How to become productive when working from home or distance learning

Many People life activities have been changed since the period of Covid-19. Student have to study online away from campus while some people job has been effected they have to do office work at home. There are different issues raised for those people who are working from home. Peoples who are living in small apartments and large families it become difficult for them to work in this type of distracted environment. Living in isolation, it’s important for students to balance your studies with other activities to keep oneself motivated and also to look after to our mental health. This is rapidly transition of school system to remote learning have badly affected the few students career who are unable to learn time management. There are few other challenges like lack of availability of electronic devices and internet connection prevents a number of students from engaging in remote learning. To avoid stress and depression it is important for everyone to learn ways to spend your time wisely and will ensure to you stay motivated so that you would be able to accomplish your task. There are few tips to manage your time.

Plan your day for productivity

For the accomplishment of every task whether you are a learner or office worker a plan or schedule is necessary. Creating a schedule the night before will help you to know what you are going to do the next day. This schedule also include household chores, lunch, time with family and friends. For the students it becomes easy to divide their subjects on hours. For employees and freelancer also divide their   work in hours and make a such schedule which will help you to set a flexible, efficient and productive routine.

Early Morning Routine

Don’t get lazy with morning routine as usually people does on holidays. Get up early in the morning as you do in your school days or office days, roll out of bed, taking a shower, putting on work clothes and really preparing for everything for productive days. Sleeping late at night or lazing in morning scrolling social media in bed on morning is just a wastage of time.

Create a to-do List

Students should create a to-do list, manage time for every task like online classes, completion of assignments and giving extra time for research on tough subjects. It may be split on days and weeks. Employs also schedule their work hour and house hold chores to prioritize tasks in such a way that important task could be done timely.

Find a Comfortable Space at Home

For learning or doing office work you have to set a corner in your home where there is no distraction. It doesn’t mean you have to set a room like dedicative office with desk, table chair. It is the place where you can do your work comfortably and noise free. Discuss your work hours with your family and friends so that they avoid to disturb you when you are busy, and reduce distraction.

Take Short Breaks

It is the time when you can take your meals, spend time with your family or you can use social media. These breaks of 15 or 20 min keep you fresh and active. You can talk with friends and fellow workers. Move out  for few minute in garden also keep you fresh and active. These breaks are important for your morale and motivation, and can be used like a reward to help you going on project.

All these tips are helpful for you when you are stick to these routines and your tasks would complete in a pleasure mode and comfortable environment. You feel same satisfaction when you are working in your office or studying in campus when your tasks are completed in time.


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