English language is most popular languages. We needed to learn speaking English for working in different fields. English is the worlds most studied language around 20% of the world speaks English. Knowing how to speak English can open new life possibilities from traveling, more easily to communicating with more people, and even getting better jobs. Before you speak English you must have enough capabilities to understand the English language. If you want to improve your English speaking skills. You have to practice, you have to speak English. Studying grammar and listening to English alone would not help only you to improve your speaking skills. Many of our students who even have masters in English, have good vocabulary and pronunciation but they find difficulty when they comes to conservation with native speaker.


Imitation means copying someone who is speaking English listen the sentences and some paragraph and try to repeat it in your own words. Repeat the same sentence you listen and try to use these sentence in your daily life.

Be Confident in Speaking:

Be confident and speak as often as possible to as many people as you possibly can don’t be shy to make mistakes. Whether you talking at home, at job or with friend use how much you have learnt.

Watch TV Shows:

If may be a drama, news or any other entertainment program on TV in English language. This help you a lot to improve your speaking skills. Children mostly learn by watching cartoons. This is a great way to practice pronunciation, as you can concentrate on how your English sounds without worrying about sentence grammar.

Find an English Speaking Partner:

If you live around English speaking community it help you a lot and learn early. But you are living in country where English is not common language then consider hiring a private tutor who can talk to you in English. We find a lot of people on Facebook and other social media sites who help you in speaking English.

Reading English Articles: 

News, and Books: You find it somewhat difficult but it is the best way to increase vocabulary and improve grammar while reading must keep your dictionary on your smart phone.

Talk to Yourself:

If you’re still unsure whether you’re ready to put your speaking skills to the test, simply talk to yourself. The more you practice with yourself, the better your English skills will become.

Retell a Story in English:

Start with something simple, like a fairytale or traditional story from your childhood. Then you can take this to the next step and challenge yourself to retell a story that some that someone else shares in English. This helps to check your comprehension and understanding.

All these methods helps you a lot when you are enthusiastic about speaking English. It may take 3 month to 6 month, depends upon your interest then you can speak English fluently.


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