How to utilize your free time productively and effectively during the lockdown of Covid-19?

COVID- 19 period is a natural disaster, that has affected the lives of many people whether they are infected by it directly or not. Sudden changes in our life can open up periods of free time that we didn’t have previously. The lockdown period is a depressing period for many people who are living in strange times and finding them-self with an excess of free time in their hands. Try to fill your spare time with useful pursuits in such a way that it will increase your creative energy and sense of fulfillment from your life. I am not going to bore you with the same advice you may have been told millions of times before. I am going to share some useful and purposeful methods to utilize your time and learn how to avoid boredom and be productive in such a way to get benefit in the future.


Reading is such a type of habit we usually do only when we have spare time. It expands our knowledge and also keeps us up to date with new information. Now depends upon the type of reading whether it is a novel, self-development book, biography, or career-related book, it will help us professionally and personally. It is connected with our interests.

Learn Skill

Every one of us is blessed with different abilities that are needed to be polished with proper learning skills. There are different skills we can learn in these days of Covid-19 like painting, drawing, creativity, writings, music, cooking, and jewelry making, and stitching and gardening. Many peoples around us ,we can see who learned different skills as a hobby in the COVID-19 period after they opted them as a life profession. Now, think about something that interests you, dip in deeper, and learn everything you can.

Take Online Course

Online learning/distance learning get sudden popularity during COVID-19 period when all the institutions are closed many people take benefit from this opportunity of online learning. They are earning more than their previous job through freelancer job. These online course has brought wonderful changes in lives of people who took an online course and started working as a freelancer. A few popular courses are related to the fields of e-commerce, digital marketing, word press, graphic designer, virtual assistance. Now education or business everything is moving toward the digital world.


Blogging is such a tool we use to share our ideas, skills, and information with the whole world. After you have mastered some hobbies or skills, write a blog about it to share with other peoples, you can make a blog or website for free on sites like blogger and word press or you can purchase it. It will also allow you to continue improving these skills and connect with others who share your interest to avoid boredom and be productive.

Spending Time with your Friends and Family.

We usually do not find enough time to spend with family time creates strong bonds of love and relationship which sometimes weaken due to our busy and dull routine. At the end of your life, you will never regret not spending time with family and friends.

Entertainment to avoid boredom

During the COVID-19 period, we stuck to our homes, fewer outdoor activities have created a situation of boredom in our lives. Entertainment is necessary to keep our mental health stress free. We should do some activities like playing games with kids, watching movies, using social media to connect with people to avoid boredom and be productive.


Cooking in the corona virus crisis is much more like a fun activity it gives us a chance to stimulate our brain with this type of activity to remain healthy. Cooking at home is more economical than eating outside from a restaurant. It is a useful hobby and has become a business for many peoples after COVID-19 who last their jobs.

Help other People and be effective

Researchers and medical specialist’s shows helping others in a crisis and natural disaster can be an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety. In addition to the emotional benefits, helping others can also help you to improve your financial well-being. To move out, meet people in your community, listen to their problems, and tries to help them how much is in your approach.

Instead of depressing in lockdown period use this free time as an opportunity for better future.


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